Your Child
As a parent, your child’s welfare is paramount and choosing a childcare centre that best meets the needs of your children is a big decision.

     Will they be safe?

     Are the staff caring and supportive?
     Will my child be happy?

There must be no doubt that he or she is safe and happy whilst being nurtured and encouraged.

Kidz Co. offers a positive and nurturing environment with excellent child to educator ratios and individualized learning opportunities. Our staff love what they do which means your child receives an uncompromised standard of care and attention...
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Our Approach
2731 & 2739 James Street
Duncan, BC
Ph: (250) 746-4020
Daycare is the initial experience a child may have away from home with caregivers other than members of the immediate family.

To ensure continuity of development, our centers provide an environment which reflects the child's experience in the home and community.

Our programs are planned in conjunction with parents which is based upon a thorough knowledge and understanding of the child's needs, growth and development.
We encourage you to come and visit us to see if we could be a good fit for you and your child. Please call us at (250)746 - 4020 to set up a time to pop in and say hello and have a look around!